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JIO Lucky Winner 2018, lottery Winning Numbers List

Jio lucky winner as name indicate that only lucky become the jio lucky winner. It means for winning lottery your luck matter a lot. If you are lucky you can easily win any kind of lottery. Not in every situation luck matters sometime your intelligence also matters but mostly in case of lottery we see that only those who think they are lucky are able to win it. So if you think you or any members of your family are lucky then at least once in your life you must try lottery. jio lottery winner 2018

Jio Lucky Winner

How You Can Participate And Become Lucky Winner 2018

The procedure for becoming jio lucky winner was quite simple and easy. For buying jio lottery you sim of any company is enough. There are few important steps that you must keep in your mind. If you do not understand anything then there is no need to worry because you can contact anytime on the official numbers of kbc where the team of kbc help you .if you want to check that you are the jio lucky winner then you can easily check it online. You just enter your sim number and check it or you can also enter your lottery number. If your lottery number matches with the number available on line then congratulation you are the luckiest one who won lottery. Now what you have to do is to contact on the official numbers of kbc head office where you get information like from where you get cash and many other information. jio lucky number

Precautions If You Are Jio Lucky Winner

The things which must kept in mind is that if you are jio lucky winner then there is no need to tell anyone, because no one is your loyal friend .if you make it public then it is harmful for you as well as your family because now it is quite easy to get duplicate sim .if you share this information with any one he go to customer care office of any mobile connection and get a duplicate sim .after getting duplicate sim they are also able to get the prize of lottery. In case of this situation the kbc team cannot help out you. It may be possible that you lose your winning prize. Then in such situation the team of kbc is not responsible. The duty of kbc is to inform you now it’s up to how you respond toward the instruction of kbc team. jio kbc lottery website

Background of kbc game show:

From 2000-2007 this program is aired on Star Plus and produced by team of Sameer Nasir the producer of the show is Big Synergy and it has been airing on Sony TV since 2010.The host of the show is Amitabh Bachchan .The contestants of the show get the chance to win 1crore Indian rupee. The show was renamed as KBC 2 or Kaun Banega Crorepati Dwitiya in 2005.The amount was doubled. In 2007 the third season was aired and the producer of the show recruited king of Bollywood Shahrukh to host. jio lottery 2018

In 2010 the fourth season was aired on Sony TV instead of Star Plus again the host of show it Amitabh Bachchan .For third season the logo of the show changed .1 crore was the prize money and 5 crore is for jackpot question. It became the most popular show of India .this season introduced a new segment named as Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot. The viewer can send answer through SMS and win 1 lakh rupee this amount become double and triple if viewers correctly answer the question.

Procedure for Participation in the Kaun Banega Crorepati Show:

You can participate by participating in jio lucky draw and become jio lucky winner and you can alsoparticipate by visiting the website of kbc. In kaun banega crorepati show there is a lucky draw in which the team of KBC randomly select a person .now from the very beginning your luck matters if you are lucky then KBC team call you and ask at least 3 question. Within 5-6seconds you have to answer your all question if you want to participate .You only get the call for second round if you answer the entire question correctly. Then you get a chance to participate in this game show. In kaun banega crorepati show there is equal quota for men and women. There is no class limit everyone can participate .In this game show if you answer all the question then you get call for next round and get a call for Mumbai. In Mumbai there is a written test. You have to clears a written test then there is a next step which is most important and that interview. Personal interview is also conducted here. After you clear all the test and interview which is conducted by kaun banega crorepati then you get a chance for one episode of KBC. You become the luckiest person to become crorepati. jio kbc winner list 2018

Latest JIO Lucky Winners update

You can also participate by buying lottery .the procedure of buying lottery is already discuss above the best thing is that if you buy lottery you can easily become jio lucky winner with few simple steps you become jio lucky winner. If you need any kind of information then you can call on the head office numbers of kbc feel free to call. You get all type of information that is elated to kbc show. Like how you participate in kaun banega crorepati show? Whom to contact if you want to participate? How to get enrolled in kaun banega crorepati show? What to follow? How to seek information about winners of kaun banega crorepati? How to confirm it that you are the winner of kaun banega crorepati? You can also get information related to lottery. Like form where you can buy lottery? What is procedure for checking lottery online? How you come to know that you are jio lucky winner?


You must participate in jio lucky draw and become jio lucky winner and enjoy your life by getting thing which you can afford your whole life. jio kbc lucky draw.

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