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KBC Contact Number Mumbai | Complaint Number

From almost 18 years the biggest game show of India is KBC.  KBC Contact Number , No one know that this show get popularity in short period of time. The host of this show is famous producer; director actor Amitabh bachan .He hosted this show in such a way that the ranking of this show is increasing day by day. Amitabh Bachan attracts the attention o audience by their excellent communication skills.

KBC Contact Number , The main aim of this show is to create entertainment. The ranking is increasing day by day. The viewership of this show is from all around the world. The management of Kbc work hard .they knows how to deal their viewer. Therefore they also introduce a kbc contact number .KBC game show wins the heart of people. This is a family game show .The audience of this show s from all around the India.

KBC Contact Number

KBC Contact Number 2018

If you want any kind of information that is related to kbc you can call on official number. The team of kbc show is always there for your help. Feel free to call because this show is popular just because of you. Many people call and they get information you must visit our website to get the information. Contact numbers are also available feel free to call on our number. If you want to register yourself you can call on kbc contact number and get information. If you want information related to lottery then you don’t need to purchase lottery number you can kbc website or to customer service officer he help you. Or you can use your mobile number as your lottery number.

KBC Complaint Number at This Show

We can say kbc is not only a game show or entertainment show it is also a general knowledge show. By watching this show you gain more information relevant to all aspects. If you participate in this show then world to know how talented you are. In a life we can say that it is only opportunity to meet living legend Amitabh Bachan and at the same time fulfill you dreams. It is a platform where you show the world how intelligent you are. So what are you waiting for simple call on kbc contact number and get the information regarding to registration for this show. When you participate in this show you get ideal platform to enhance different aspects of life.

It is a moment of pride for all those who participate in this KBC show. We can say with confidence that KBC is a reflection of hope for all those who want to transfer their live. Kbc game show increases the living standard of many people. In this show the host of the show Amitabh bachan directly contact with the audience.

KBC head office Number Mumbai

If you have any query you can contact on the kbc contact number available at our website .Feel free to call or sms .it’s all about you. The team of kbc warns the viewers about the fraudulent practices being undertaken by some phony groups who try to deceive the innocent individuals. The main aim of such scammers is only destroy the image of this game show in the eye of many people.They call you and demand money .please does not respond to such people they are not our team member.

If you respond to such peoples it may be harmful for you and your family. If you face any lose then the team of kbc is not responsible because they warn you now it’s your responsibility that you should call on kbc contact number and register your complain. After you register complain now it become the duty of kbc team to arrest such scammers. In case you want to know that whether you win a lottery or not .you can visits the official website and if you don’t understand information  available on website you simply dial kbc contact number and explain your problem without any hesitation.

Background of This Game Show :

Kaun banega Crorepati is an Indian game show hosted by Bollywood super star Amitabh Bachan. Basically it is a copy of British program who wants to be a millionaire? The first three season of kaun banega crorepati is aired on Star plus .the first three seasons is from 2000- 2007.It has been aired on Sony TV since 2010. Kaun banega crorepati was produced by big synergy. Anyone who wants to join kanu banega crorepati must contact on the head office number of kbc. Its head office is in Mumbai .

the procedure of participate is easy. You win cash up to 1 crore. If you are intelligent then you can win it. This game show has its own importance in the eye of its viewer. There are many other game shows but those show get popularity or high TRP’s only for short period of time.Class doesn’t matter in this game show .many participant from middle class families win cash and make their dreams true.


To conclude we can that by calling on kbc contact number you can easily get any kind of information easily .you can get information related about lottery structure, lottery number lottery draw, lottery victor ,list lottery certification ,lottery tickets etc. Team of kbc try their best to provide you with all kind of information like how you can participate in the show and win cash amount and fulfill your need and dreams. You have to dial the number and the remaining things are handled by the team of KBC Winner List.

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