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KBC Helpline Number Kolkata | KBC Helpline Number Mumbai

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Alert! KBC Ke Name Par Bahut Si Frod Calls Bhi Aa Rahi Hein Jo Keh 00923**** or +923**** Agar Aap ko Aesi Fraud Calls Aa rahi Hain tu Aap is Ki Report kbc helpline number 0019188444111 Par Karain Thanks.
KBC Winners Of 2018 Result

Agr ap k pass lottery number nai hai tu aap kbc helpline number par call kar ke ap lottery kbc helpline number kbc number lay saktay hein thanks 0019188444111

Dear Lovers of KBC (kbc helpline number) ab KBC ne ik New Lottery information Center
Estiblish kia Hai.
Jis mein Ap Apni kbc Lottery Online Check Kar Sakty Hain or KBC ke Name Py
Jo Fake kbc winers 2018 Calls Aa Rahi Hain Un sy Protect Reh Saktay Hain.
Agar aapko Lottery Online Check Karni
Nahi Aati.
To Ap KBC (kbc helpline number) Lottery Information Center main Call Kar Ke Apna Registerd Lottery
Number Ly Skty Hain or apni Lottery Khud Check Kar Skty Hain.

BEWARE: KBC  lottery winner 2018 ke naam par bahut se fraud calls Pakistan say a rahi hein jo keh caller ka number 0092 or + 92 say start hota hi .Agr ap ko bhi koi kbc  lottery k related call a rahi hi tu ap es ki report kbc helpline number par karin Thanks.

How To Win Lottery in KBC(kbc helpline number)
Dear Lovers of KBC (KBC Winners 2018) Now You can Join KBC Winners 2018 with some Easy steps.
Firstly Important step is Just Recharge Your Sim card.
Your Sim number is already included in this lucky draw of kbc (kaun banega crorepati 2018).
You will get 2 chance in one month.

Mr.arun Sharma
Lottery Winner of 37,00,000
Mobile No: 9815***403
Location: Punjab

Mr.Keshav Singh Meena
Lottery Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No:810****783

Mr.Ghanshyam Davariya
Lottery Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No;982****858
Location: Gujrat

Mr.Munnalal Soni
Lottery Winner:25,00,000
Winner Mobile No:846****311
Location:Madhya Pradesh

Ms.Jaspal Kaur
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No:828****171

Ms.Rupali Jagannath Bhambure
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No:963****836

Ms.Vijay Laxmi Pandey
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No:858****182

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The helpline number of KBC is always open. You can call anytime. All information related to KBC is given by the team of KBC. You are able to get all information which is related to this game show. You are able to know. kbc numbers

  • Procedure for participating in Kaun Banega Crorepati show?
  • If you want to participate whom you can contact?
  • How you get enrolled in game show?
  • What are the steps you follow?
  • Information related to winner of KBC lottery
  • Procedure for confirmation if you win this show.

Background Of Kaun Banega Crorepati Show

  • KBC stand for Kanu Banega Crorepati in English we can say ( Who Will Become A Millionaire).
  • Basically it is an Indian game show.
  • From 2000-2007 this program is aired on Star Plus and produced by team of Sameer Nasir the producer of the show is Big Synergy and it has been airing on Sony TV since 2010.
  • The host of the show is Amitabh Bachchan .
  • The contestants of the show get the chance to win 1crore Indian rupee.
  • The first appearance of Amitabh Bachan on Indian small screen as he is the host of KBC.

KBC Helpline Number Mumbai

  • There are many ways to win cash KBC lucky draw is on the top of list.
  • Your luck matter a lot in procedure for winning lottery. You win cash if you are lucky.
  • You can call on the Helpline number of KBC website for further information.
  • Recharge your SIM card to participate in KBC. Automatically your number is send to .
  • In one month you get 2 chances to win keep charging your number and get chance to win through lucky draw to check whether you are winner you can check online on website.
  • You have to entry your mobile number and lottery number.
  • If your lottery number match with the given lottery number then you contact head office of KBC for the winning price.

KBC Helpline Number Kolkata

Although most of the time the helpline number of KBC this show is busy. There is no need to worry because this is only because of popularity of this show. This show is best for all students and young generation .by watching this shows your general knowledge increases. In the race of competition this game show has its own importance and popularity. The record of this show is unbreakable.

This show has highest rating in all game shows.There are many incidents which are reported related to fake caller. Please be aware of such callers, kbc number mumbai

The KBC helpline number is also for those who need information related to

  • KBC Lottery
  • KBC Winner List
  • Lottery Affirmation
  • KBC Helpline Number

The best source to get authentic information is only KBC Helpline Number. Because the team will make sure that that they provide you with up to date data. In short we can say that our team is always there to solve your quires .Don’t hesitate in getting any kind of information related to show.

Mr.Mehbob Khan
  Winner of 25,00,000  
Mobile No 984****788

Ms.Laxmi G
Winner of 25,00,00
Mobile No:759****745 


Mr.Bholy Ram
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No:887****458
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Mr.Arvind Singh Lodhi
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No:992****650

Mr.Satish Kumar
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No:874****544

Mr.Rohan Mali
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No:885****540

Mr.Abdul Karim
Winner of 25,00,000

Mobile No:878****568

Mr.Kunesh Rastogi
Winner of 25,00,000

Mobile No 972****328

Mr.Pramod Kumar
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No:984****547
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Mis.Sarita Regmi
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No 973****026
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Mr.Vinod Kumar
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No 979****928
kbc lottery 25 lakhs,kbc lucky winner 25 lakhs,kbc lucky draw winner,idea lottery winner

Mr.Tejaswi Prasad
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No 999****737
kbc lottery winners 2018,kbc 25 lakh lottery,kbc lottery 25 lakhs,kbc lucky winner 2018

Mis.Geeksho Jarwal
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No 958****707
kbc lucky winner 2018,kbc 25 Lakh Lottery,KBC Lottery Winners 2018,KBC Lottery

Mr.Harish Laxman Jadhav
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No 777****152


Mr.Dilip Bhguji
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No 962****773

Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No 991****078

KBC Helpline Number of any show plays an important role in the success of show.  KBC helpline number is available on our website. If you want any kind of information related to the show you can contact on the available number kbc Contact number.

Purpose of KBC Helpline Number

The main purpose of KBC helpline number is to help its clients and viewer. By calling on the number our team tries their best to solve your entire problem.

As we all know that kaun banega crorepati is one of the hit game show in India. The popularity of this show is increasing day by day. As viewership of this show increases therefore everyone want to participate in this game show. They call on regular basis so that they have up to date information related to this show. Kbc Customer Care Number

Who Can Contact On KBC Helpline Number:

Basically helpline number can be accessible by anyone whether they are member or audience. If you want to register yourself for this show you can call on the number available on the website .don’t hesitate feel free to contact on the number. If you want to see the shehanshah of the bollywood Amitabh bachn you simply call on the number and register yourself by give information to the team of KBC.

KBC Helpline Number

The information required for registration is name of the individual, contact number and most important the CNIC number.If you buy KBC lottery and want to know whether you are the winner or not you can contact on the numbers. As this show is popular all around the country so some fake caller want to destroy the image of this show. Be aware of such fraudulent caller. If you participate in this game show you get a chance to become crorepati. Kbc helpline Number 2018

Anyone who wants to participate in kaun banega crorepati can contact on the helpline number of KBC. By calling on the number you are able to get information related to the participation in this show. By calling on the number of KBC you come to know that how friendly and responsible are the team of KBC .

the best thing about this show is that anyone who is above 18 year can participate in this show and become crorepati. You can fulfill all your dreams .You must be confident enough to win this show. Before participating in this show you must prepare yourself. The procedure of participation is quite simple. kbc helpline number for jio, kbc head office number mumbai

This game show is only popular just because of its viewer. Now it is responsibility of team to satisfy its entire viewer to get the highest rating. We are living in era of competition. So to compete with other game show it’s important to give importance to your viewer. for more information about kbc helpline number .

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