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KBC Winner List – KBC Winners 2018 – 2019

The KBC Winner List 2018 show was aired on television from almost 18 years. KBC Winner list .But it’s rating increasing day by day. Basically this show was a copy of a British show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This show give hope to the people of Indian that they can win up to 1 crore and fulfill their dreams. The concept of this game show is unique. It is an entertainment show as well. If you watch this show on regular basis your general knowledge increases. Total there are nine season of Kbc. In every season the management will show a Kbc Winner List

KBC Winner List

Now here we mentioned the Kbc winner list of all season

  • Harshwardhan Nawathe:

  • Ravi Mohan Saini:

He was a student of ten standard when he participate in kbc and win a cash prize of 1 crore. He was only 14 year old at that time. Now he become officer in India police service and serves his country.

  • Rahat Taslim:

The next luckiest person whose name was mentioned at the kbc winner list was rahat taslim. after winning price she open a garment showroom and enjoy her life with full confidence.

  • Sushil Kumar:

He was a computer operator .After participating in this show and by winning the huge amount of 5 crore he get fame .he create a history as he come from middle class family. His success was celebrated by everyone.

  • Sunmeet Kaur:

She win a huge amount of 5 crore .due to her in laws she do not pursue a career in designing.

  • Taj Mohammed Rangrez :

He was among luckiest people who name was mentioned on the season 7 kbc winner list. By profession he was a history teacher. After winning this show people start calling him a crorepati Rangrez.

  • Achin Narula and Sarthak Narula

KBC Lottery Winner List 2018

History was created by two bother they win a prize money of 7 crore and then they utilize this money for their money treatment. She was a cancer patient.

  • Anamika Majumdar:

The ninth season of KBC winner is Anamika Majumdar who is homemaker and NGO worker .she run her own NGO named faith in India. kbc winner list 2018

Background of the KBC:

  • Star plus TV

The first three season of kaun banega crorepati is aired on Star plus .the first three season are from 2000- 2007

  • Sony TV

It has been aired on Sony TV since 2010.

  • Produced By:

kbc winner list 2018

Kaun banega crorepati was produced by big synergy.

  • Now there is number of game show on aired on the TV but among all kbc is able to get the top position.
  • It is only because of its host Amitabh Bachan it is because of its charismatic personality.
  • Kbc has its own position among the all in the India.
  • There is a competition between every show that is aired on the television.
  • Every channel and every game show is the race of getting highest TRP’S. But kbc crushes all the record.
  • This show is only successful just because of none other than shahansha of bollywood Amitabh Bachan. He won the heart of millions of people around the globe.
  • kaun banega crorepati season 9

kbc lottery winner list

KBC Lottery Winner list 2018

For getting information related to KBC winner list, lottery information or any other information of kbc show you can contact number the number of KBC. There is no need to worry because the team of KBC is always there for your help .Feel free to discuss your issue with our customer service officer. It is just because of you that the show is running successful from almost 18 years .it create history .its TRP’S is higher than any other show of such kind.

Due to the popularity of this there are number of fake caller who contact you and demand some amount by paying that your are the winner of KBC .please be aware of such caller. The aim of these callers is just to destroy the image of KBC in front of its viewers. The website of KBC also update the KBC winner list of its all season therefore you can check the website on regular basis.

KBC Winner List

If you don’t understand than you can call on the numbers that are available at the website. The most important thing about this show is that this game show is for all citizen of India who are above 18. Anyone can participate whether he belong to middle class or upper class.  Only one thing matter for winning this show and that is you hard work and your confidence on yourself that you can do this.

Kaun banega crorepati is only game show in the history of India that will help the student by improving knowledge and students are able to prepare many competitive exams like, kbc 2018

  • IPS
  • IAS
  • UPSC
  • SSC
  • Bank PO Exams
  • Clerk exams.

Today update of kbc Winner list 2018

Students who are sitting at their home dreams to participate in this show so that they make their parent proud and also fulfill their dream that is to mention their name on the KBC winner list. So that everyone recognize them and also get fame after winning this show.


To conclude we can say that kaun banega crorepati is a game show, entertainment show not only increases the knowledge but also fulfill the dreams of middle class family. kbc lottery winner 2018.

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